• We offer a variety of classes for additional cross training.
  • Pilates: The ultimate in Core training.  Creating a balance of overall body wellness. Strengths while lengthening & teaches control of movement.
  • Yoga:  This is what you make of it, give it 100%. If you come in strong you will definately last long through an amazing stretch.
  • BeyondBarre: The True Cardio Ballet Barre Workout!  That's what has people talking all about...  "Sculpt, Strength, Stretch"  fusing Pilates, Ballet, Yoga, weights and more to create the complete workout for you...
  • Private Training:  This is for the person who longs for a deeper understanding of how to move and strengthen there body.  Not all bodies are the same, great for your overall personal training.

We are Conveniently Located in Lake St Louis

930 Bent Oak Ct.
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

we can also be reached at


Pilates & Yoga Center is a full-service Pilates studio and Health Coaching center. in Wentzville, MO. With its "spa like" feel, the studio helps you unwind while you improve your fitness and health. We offer many opportunities to balance your body and bring you back to a place of strength and harmony within.


Classes we Offer:

  • Group Pilates Mat
  • Group Yoga
  • Group BeyondBarre "This is not your daughters Ballet class!"
  • Tower Mat Class (pre-registration required)
  • Private Pilates lesson
  • Pilates Semi-Private lesson
  • Yoga & BeyondBarre Private lessons availablelearnmore

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